Glastonbury Festival

  • LOCATION  ⇒⇒  Glastonbury (UK)
  • GENRE  ⇒⇒  Electro · Rock · Metal · Pop · Reggae · Hip hop · World music
  • DATES  ⇒⇒  End of June
  • N. OF DAYS  ⇒⇒  5 days
  • N. OF VISITORS  ⇒⇒  ≈ 130.000
  • CAMPING AREA  ⇒⇒  Yes
The Glastonbury Festival can be considered one of the most renowned festivals throughout Europe. It takes place about 6 miles from Glastonbury, a small town about 23 miles from Bristol (England).

The festival was founded in 1970, the day after the death of Jimi Hendrix, in the ‘worthy farm’ of Michael Eavis, which still remains the event organizer.

‘Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts’ is the title of the festival. In other words it means to have live music all day until midnight, DJ sets for all night, with a further choice of pubs, art events, performances and activities. Obviously, in this experience, the music is the key element and the choice can go from rock music to electronic music, but also reggae, hip hop, folk, world music and metal!

The importance of the artists hosted is not in question, taking part in the Glastonbury Festival, you will only have the top choice of music in terms of bands and world famous DJs.

The festival takes place in a large area/farm with many stages for live music and designated stations for Dj sets. So it is strongly recommended to get the program and map of the festival in order to make a schematic selection least of events and artists not to be missed. Then it is obvious that the fun of a festival is also a healthy improvisation.

With regard the ‘survival’ in your life at the festival here’s a reminder of a few things to take with you that will save your life:

  • a resistant tent to withstand any adverse weather conditions;
  • clothing for summer and winter (for day and night);
  • boots !!! If it rains, the boots will be your best friends !! You will live in the mud and with these you’ll be a lion;
  • earplugs! Again, if you plan to sleep a couple of hours per day. With these you are able to lighten up a bit the music (always present) and the noise of those who have decided not to sleep.

But after all of this information, the most important one of all! If you really want to go to the Glastonbury festival, you have to believe it. That’s right ! You have to believe from the beginning, when you decide to buy tickets. Simply just consider that tickets for the Glastonbury festival in 2015 are gone in just 30 minutes!

Metallica ⋅ Arcade Fire ⋅ Interpol ⋅ Massive Attack ⋅ The Black Keys ⋅ Pixies ⋅ Kasabian ⋅ Lily Allen……
Arctic Monkeys ⋅ The Rolling Stones ⋅ The Smashing Pumpkins ⋅ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ⋅ Portishead ⋅ Crystal Castles ⋅ Vampire Weekend……
U2 ⋅ Coldplay ⋅ Beyoncé ⋅ The Chemical Brothers ⋅ Queens of the Stone Age ⋅ White Lies……
Gorillaz ⋅ Muse ⋅ Stevie Wonder ⋅ The Flaming Lips ⋅ Pet Shop Boys ⋅ Orbital ⋅ Shakira……

Glastonbury Festival Videos

Glastonbury-On-Sea Trailer
Glastonbury-On-Sea Trailer
A look at the Glastonbury-On-Sea area, which made its debut at Glastonbury 2019 and will return in 2020. More info at Video by Solen...
'Kylie Dance' Flashmob Tutorial (Glastonbury 2019)
'Kylie Dance' Flashmob Tutorial (Glastonbury 2019)
This year's Theatre & Circus flashmob dance is based on Spinning Around by Kylie, in celebration of her performance on the Pyramid Stage in the Sunday teatime slot. Learn the moves and join the flas...
Marie White - Blue Jumper (ETC 2019 Winner)
Marie White - Blue Jumper (ETC 2019 Winner)
The winner of Glastonbury Festival's 2019 Emerging Talent Competition performs at the live final, on 27 April 2019. Film by Solent Productions
2017 Theatre & Circus Fields highlights film
2017 Theatre & Circus Fields highlights film
A look at some of the highlights of the Theatre & Circus Fields at Glastonbury 2017.


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